Thursday, July 23, 2009

Things Amelia is saying

I wanted to journal a little of Amelia's vocabulary. I'm realizing that if I don't start writing some of this down, I'm going to forget a lot of the little funny things that are right now, a normal part of every day. I watch old videos of her on this blog and can hardly even remember her being so small! So, without further ado, things Amelia is saying:

Over the last year Amelia has gone through many words as her choice for positive affirmation. First it was, "okay". Then it became a very clear and concise, "yes", and now she usually says, "yep."

Amelia commonly refers to Jason and I as "guys" ie, "hey guys, look at what Amelia's doing."

Amelia still refers to herself in the 3rd person a lot. I blame this on stupid Elmo. She is learning the proper use of pronouns though and will use I and you and his and hers.

Amelia is now referring to any time in the past, including 5 minutes ago as "last night."

She uses the phrase "other one" a lot. ie, "Can I have an other one blueberry?"

When Jason and I are having a conversation at the dinner table and Amelia wants to chime in she'll say, "actually Daddy, ba ba wa ma ca sha.....lots of jibberish, but in the cadence of our speech. It's hilarious.

Right now if Amelia is put on the spot or is feeling shy her answer is, "Ba!" or "Da!" usually accentuated with an arm in the air. It's a little embarrassing at times!

Other favorite phrases right now, some good, some not so good!
"Mommy, don't talk"
"Go out of here"
"I want to do it by myself!"
"I will save one for daddy"
"Isaac's crying, I think he needs his pacifier"
"I will feed Isaac"
"I will sit on it with my bottom!"
"Mommy, come here, right now!"
"Amelia can do it!"

Isaac's current phrases, well really, consonants of choice right now are: Boo, Ba and Goo!

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rachel blazer said...

caroline did the strange 3rd person thing for a while, too- and she mixed up "me" and "you" when she wanted something (want me to pick you up?) so it passes... it's good that you're recording it so you'll remember! : )