Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Isaac finally slept through the night last night! It's been at least two weeks. The key, 4oz of formula with the last feed. Sadly, I'm just not producing enough at night right now. But, getting more sleep because he doesn't need to eat twice a night should help for sure. It's a vicious cycle, he wakes up hungry twice because I didn't make enough in the evening; I didn't make enough in the evening because I'm tired from being up with him twice the night before...you see the cycle here? Thank God for hypoallergenic formula!

In Amelia news, the girl is hitting the terrible two's hard right now. We've had many drestling, yes, drestling matches (that's wrestling with the girl to get her dressed) and she's produced screams and sounds I have never heard before. The good news is that she's doing fabulously with potty training and after only 2 weeks can pretty much be trusted wearing "big kid underpants". They must be called this. Must.

Mommy and Daddy? We're just trying to make it past the BAR, July 28th and 29th. Pray!

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