Friday, September 11, 2009

Tough As Nails

Oh, my Amelia. The girl is in constant motion and really it's amazing she made it nearly 3 years without needing stitches! Her big girl bed frame is now waiting patiently in the basement. We're going to settle for a box spring and mattress on the floor for now. She certainly doesn't care, as long as she has her new Dora blanket! Amelia has five stitches and they're supposed to dissolve on their own. That day when she fell off the bed she cried as she normally would if she had hurt herself and then even though it was still dripping blood, she was over it and wanted to play again! I had to turn on the TV just to get her to take it easy enough.

Someone asked me once if we tried to teach Amelia to be tough, to brush things off. I can say that we've always tried not to make a big deal out of it when she gets hurt so that we don't make things worse, we just provide comfort. But, usually the girl doesn't even want comfort and immediately wants to go conquer what just got the best of her. This is not taught, this is something you're born with! It's a fantastic quality to have, I just hope we can teach her to use it wisely and not to hurt herself too often or push it too hard. Certainly her mother and father have never struggled with that....yeah. It's amazing how much our children are JUST like us!

I will say, I handled having my baby in the car more calmly on the inside than I did Amelia's incident. I was shaking a little bit as I cleaned up the blood on her face. This is my precious girl! I was a wreck on the inside, but I don't think I let Amelia see it because she took the whole thing, even being at the hospital, totally in stride. She was just thrilled we let her eat Doritos and Chocolate milk in the waiting room. Her favorite foods!

The shots to numb the area were bad, bad, bad, but the actual stitches went well and she calmed down while I told her a story about Diego and Dora, her favorite people in the World. Than afterwards she was like, let's get out of here and eat a popsicle. As soon as we got to my parent's house to pick up Isaac I had to start telling Amelia not to bounce on the couch! The girl learned nothing. Oh well, that's why I pray, a lot!

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