Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Amelia's First Day of Pre School!

Amelia had her first day of pre school today! Her teachers are wonderful, and her classmates are all 2 1/2 turning three this fall. It's so great for her to be with kids her age. Her teacher told me she was quite chatty and funny! Her favorite things today were play dough, chalk and playing outside. I think her teacher over the 3 times we've seen her so far has said how cute and sweet Amelia is like 10 times. It's okay, I don't get sick of hearing it! I'm so excited for our little girl!

Then, as if the first day of pre school wasn't exciting enough, Amelia somehow fell off of her bed and hit her head and had to get five stitches over her eye tonight. Not fun. She handled it really well. I've never realized how much she is in constant motion until I was trying to keep her still until they could stitch it up. It really didn't faze her at all! The anesthetic before the stitches was pretty rough, but after that she did a really good job. We talked about Diego and Dora during the stitches and it really helped! Jason had had stitches at least twice by this age. Here's hoping this will be our only time with Amelia!

In Isaac news, he's 5 months old! Holy cow, time is flying. He's eating rice cereal every day and can eat mashed bananas and apple sauce. The boy loves to eat! He's still the happiest, easiest baby. If he would sleep through the night he would be the perfect baby. Oh well. It will come!

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jill peel said...

I am so glad Amelia loves school!
It's so great to hear it when other people, especially teachers, love and appreciate your children as much as you do - that's such a good feeling.

Henry's had, I think it was five too, stiches about his eye too - he was about 18 months...maybe they were made for each other.