Friday, April 13, 2007

So Cute

Amelia's getting closer to sitting up on her own and she likes it a whole lot. She's also started dabbling in eating rice cereal. She opens her mouth for the spoon and even tries to get the spoon in her mouth on her own, but usually hits her forehead. She went through a growth spurt last week and suddenly now she'll take two two hour naps a day now. I used to get lucky if I got one one hour nap in there and the rest were 40 minutes or so. Thank you growth spurt. She's so much happier during the time she's awake now and can stay awake longer between naps. What they say is true, this does get easier as they get older. Phew.

Have I mentioned how cute she is? She just has the most fantastic personality. I love her!


Debby said...

Ha! that is an adorable pic! Glad things are going well with the growth spurt! Miss you.

Amy said...

way cute- she takes such great pictures!
Are you guys coming out at all this summer?

Debbie said...

Thank you for starting Amelia's Days. Eventhough I've only been able to actually see her 1 time, I love and miss her so. It's awesome to see how she's growing. Love you guys.
Aunt Debbie